Monovac BeFree cordless vacuum cleaner


Put away your corded vacuum cleaner!

Get the new Monovac BeFree cordless vacuum cleaner – the cordless dry vacuum cleaner for greater ease and versatility at work.

Cordless, liberated and unencumbered. Rock any room with the Monovac BeFree!


Move about the room freely
Sockets, chair legs and other obstacles are no longer a problem! The Monovac BeFree lets you move about the room with complete freedom.
It doesn’t get more flexible than that!




Endless power
With 45 minutes of use and no time wasted unplugging and plugging in elsewhere, your floors will be dust-free in no time.
It doesn’t get any more efficient!




No cable, no unplugging and plugging in elsewhere
Tripping over cables? Defective socket? All impossible or irrelevant with the cordless Monovac BeFree.
It doesn’t get any safer than that!




Switch on and off by touching the handle
Touch the handle and the vacuum cleaner turns on. Let go of the handle and it turns off.
It doesn’t get any easier than that!




HEPA 13 filter:
With the optional HEPA 13 filter, you get even finer filtration of dust and bacteria.
It doesn’t get any more hygienic than that!





What’s more, with Monovac BeFree you now consume up to 30% less electricity.

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