Is Your Coated Floor Suffering From Disinfectant Stains?


Many customers have reported white stains forming on their coated floors since the coronavirus crisis started – caused by hand disinfectant dripping onto the floor.

Would you like to remove these stains but don’t have time for a thorough cleaning or re-coating in the current situation? We have a few straightforward tips on how to quickly improve the appearance of your floor:

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Please note:

  • This does not apply to all types of flooring: Our application technology department has tested various cosmetic repair methods. The tips listed here apply only to floors coated with acrylic dry-bright dispersion (e.g. Wetrok Mepol H or Polish). Tests were carried out with elastic flooring (PVC) and artificial stone (terrazzo). We would be happy to provide individual advice if you have a different floor covering with white stains.
  • No substitute for basic cleaning: These first aid tips are for visual correction only, and not for repairing damaged coatings. Depending on the lighting situation and the point of view of the observer, individual defects will remain slightly visible. The staining can only be fully removed through thorough cleaning followed by re-coating (ideally 2 to 3 layers).

2 Tips: How to Prevent Stains from Forming in the First Place
Follow these two simple tips to prevent stains from forming in the first place:

  • Place a drip tray below the hand disinfectant dispenser. The drip tray must match the corresponding model (usually available as an accessory).
  • Place a protective mat under the hand disinfectant dispenser, g. a dirt-trapping mat (cut to size if necessary)

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