International cleaning trade fair INTERCLEAN took place in Amsterdam from 15th to 18th May, 2018. Visitors to the Wetrok stand were able to find out about the cleaning trends of the future, as well as take an exclusive look at the equipment to go with it. A very special “companion” stole the show.

The motto of the Wetrok trade fair stand was “Look to the Future”. Wetrok has a 70-year-long tradition of looking forward – the company develops today what will be important for everyday cleaning tomorrow. To bring the future metaphor to life for visitors, a real-life DeLorean took centre stage at the stand. Yes, THE car that was the time machine in the film “Back to the Future”. The vehicle proved a popular backdrop for trade fair selfies.

At the 170m2 stand, Wetrok presented the industry five world firsts in professional cleaning. Best of all: visitors had the opportunity to touch every machine and piece of equipment, and test them live on-site.

Automatic Marvin: a charming companion
Likeable cleaning robot Marvin was the main attraction. At times he even struggled to make his way through the hordes of interested onlookers. However, this was the perfect demonstration of how precisely and reliably Marvin detects and reacts to obstacles. Rather than rushing ahead and launching an inordinately large robot, Wetrok’s aim with Marvin is to achieve a meaningful relationship between man and machine, an interpretation of digitalisation that sets us apart from many competitors engaged in this global trend. Marvin’s unique Teach ‘n’ Repeat function requires absolutely no knowledge of programming: A cleaning employee simply has to cover an area with Marvin once for the robot to learn the cleaning process. It will then perform the process automatically while cleaning personnel dedicate their time to more sophisticated tasks. Visitors appreciated one thing above all else: Marvin is smaller and more compact that any other cleaning robot on the market.

Discomatic Bolero: a master of quick changes solves an old dilemma
The Discomatic Bolero also caused a sensation. It’s a scrubber-drier with two interchangeable tanks. Switching between tanks is lightning fast, meaning areas of differing requirements can be made sparkling clean in no time at all. The eternal dilemma of deciding between a large machine and a compact model has been resolved once and for all.

Wetrok KeyCar: a lockable cleaning cart with a personal touch
The Wetrok KeyCar is a cleaning cart that combines the highest security standards with individual design. It is fully lockable. This protects unauthorised individuals from accessing cleaning chemicals. The flexible, customisable exterior design is proof that security can also come in attractive packages: Customers can choose one of 20 themes or have their custom design printed on the KeyCar.

Wetrok Portavac: a professional vacuum cleaner in the form of a backpack
Wetrok Portavac, the new backpack-type vacuum cleaner, was presented on a raised pedestal. It was positioned at an optimum height to allow visitors to experience the ergonomic comfort for themselves. With this new backpack-type vacuum cleaner, lifts and stairways can be cleaned in minutes.

Wetrok Tracking: ultimate transparency in fleet management
We also presented our Wetrok Tracking fleet management system. The tool gives cleaning service providers a complete overview of their machine fleet at all times. A nice added benefit: Periodic maintenance of machines is now a relic of a bygone age – instead, economic maintenance is carried out based on need.

Food & Drinks: Where there’s smoke there doesn’t have to be fire
A long day at the trade fair is thirsty work. To recharge their batteries, guests at the Wetrok Bar were treated to extravagant cocktails from the world of molecular gastronomy. Fruity drinks served in smoking laboratory test tubes plunged guests into a world of colour.


International visitors from Togo and Australia
INTERCLEAN is a firm fixture on the calendar of numerous customers all over the world. Wetrok staff on the stand spoke to customers from Bulgaria, India, Australia, Togo, Columbia, the USA and China. For four days, people from all continents, who shape and make a difference in the world of cleaning, were together under one roof.

For Wetrok CEO Thomas Kyburz, it was a unique week full of exciting encounters. “We have researched intensively and worked meticulously on our innovations to ensure that they really do make the everyday cleaning routines of our customers that much easier. We are proud of what we have achieved, so we could hardly wait to show off these innovations to our customers.” One oft-repeated piece of feedback pleased Kyburz above all others: “Talking to customers, it became clear that they do not value Wetrok because of individual products or services, but because of our ability to offer completely integrated cleaning systems.” It’s a message that drives Thomas Kyburz and his organisation to maintain this holistic approach.

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