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Do you use safety barriers to protect against coronavirus? Then this article will interest you.

Many companies use plexiglass partitions (acrylic glass panes) to protect their employees and customers against droplet infections. But many of them don’t realise that cleaning acrylic glass panes (plexiglass safety barriers) is a delicate matter that CANNOT be managed with conventional glass cleaners. That’s why Wetrok has developed a new special spray for acrylic glass: Wetrok Plexistar Pro.

Plexistar Pro is a powerful surface cleaner that is gentle on materials and THE professional choice for acrylic glass. It removes finger marks and greasy stains without leaving residue and entirely without leaving streaks.

Why can’t I use conventional glass cleaners?
You should refrain from using conventional glass cleaner with acrylic glass.  That’s because normal glass cleaners tend to cause unsightly stress cracks or cloud the surface of acrylic glass. As a result, many partitions become unusable after a short period of time or are no longer transparent. In contrast to conventional glass cleaners, Plexistar Pro features a special formula for cleaning acrylic glass and is thus extremely gentle.

Potential areas of application:

  • Cleaning of plexiglass partitions (acrylic glass)
  • Cleaning of flat screens
  • Cleaning of glass surfaces
  • Cleaning of tiles

Place a Plexistar Pro spray bottle and fleece cleaning cloth at each workstation. This allows your employees to clean the acrylic panes themselves – even multiple times a day if necessary.

Did you know that…
… Microfibre cloths are NOT suitable for cleaning acrylic glass? The fibres can cause fine scratches that impede visibility. This is why Wetrok recommends the use of smooth fleece cloths.

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