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Cleaning granulate in a sachet: now for all your maintenance cleaning.

In 2017, Wetrok launched the world’s first granule-based cleaning product. The industry innovation attracted international attention and was awarded the Purus Innovation Award. Now Wetrok is completing the product range, previously consisting of a surface cleaner (Granusurf), sanitary maintenance cleaner (Granusan) and floor cleaner (Granufloor), with two new products to create a complete range of granulate products:

  • Granubowl (WC cleaner)
  • Granusan forte (basic sanitary cleaner)

Are overdosage, transport costs, resource consumption and user hazards problems in your daily cleaning? Our granule-based product line solves all of them in one blow!

No more overdosage
Cleaning has never been so simple: Open a small sachet and pour the contents (the granules) into water. The effective cleaning solution is now ready for use. The sachets are pre-dosed: one sachet contains exactly the right amount for one use.

Cut transport and storage costs
The cleaning industry unnecessarily transports tons upon tons of water every day in the form of liquid cleaning products. This is not the case with Granuline: Only the active ingredient that is actually needed for cleaning is transported. This saves you over 75 percent on your transport and storage costs.

Reduce CO2 emissions
Fewer trips are necessary because the transport vehicle now only has to carry small sachets, rather than large canisters. Far fewer: One truck of Granuline is the equivalent of six trucks of liquid detergent!

Eliminate health risks to the user
What would you rather have to place on the top shelf of the storage cupboard – a box of mini sachets or a 10-litre canister? The granule-based cleaners are also free of solvents whose fumes can enter the respiratory system.

Granuline – a clean solution – for cleaning staff, room users and the environment.

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