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Are you looking for climate-neutral cleaning products?
Start using our Wetrok Granuline now.

NEW: all five granulate cleaners bear the “climate-neutral product” label from ClimatePartner. All emissions have been recorded, further reduced and offset through recognized climate protection projects.

ClimatePartner has confirmed:
Using granulate cleaners produces 19% less carbon emissions in total compared to conventional liquid detergents.

Wetrok Granuline comprises five products for cleaning the entire building. All products are packaged into individual portions and already pre-dosed. The concept is simple: Mix granulate (individual sticks) with water, and the cleaning solution is ready. With Granuline, Wetrok has achieved a breakthrough in ecological research: Cleaning with granules instead of liquid detergents. The innovative cleaning method is patented and award-winning.

The Plastic Bank initiative to protect the oceans and prevent plastic waste. For every offset ton of CO2, 10 kg of plastic is collected. In Indonesia, Brazil, Haiti and the Philippines, local residents can bring the plastic waste to collection points in exchange for money, food, drinking water or even school fees. The actual compensation is achieved through wind parks in the Philippines and the Caribbean.

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